What we offer

We started our homesteading venture aiming at growing a significant portion of our food. By applying permaculture design principles and techniques, and blessed by good weather, we have been able to produce more than what we can consume. We have a limited amount of produce, eggs, chicken, and seedlings that
we are able to market.

For the 2019 season we will  be offering several  CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares.

We offer pasture-raised, GMO-free,  chicken and duck eggs. Our chickens and ducks live in the pasture and sheltered in movable coops (chicken/duck tractors). Every few days, they are moved to a new pasture cell where they eat fresh grass, insects, and a supplement of certified organic, GMO-free, soy-free grain.  Using the same grazing/feeding system, we also have broilers (meat chickens), which we processes on site and able to also offer for sale.  

We are delighted to open our farm for educational programs. Check out the workshops we wil be offering this spring & summer. 

Permaculture Consulting

We homestead using permaculture  prnciples. This is a holistic design system, which supplies our needs while benefiting the environment. We can help you design your own system wether you live in a city appartment, suburban development, or rural property. Check out our permaculture page for more information.


Struggling with something? Grateful for something? Need a prayer? Click here and leave us a message. We will respectfully pray for your intentions.