Saint Isidore Homestead

A little place for family, faith, simple life, home-grown food, and you.


     Thank you for visiting and for your interest in our lifestyle. We hope you are not looking for perfection but just ideas. We gave up perfection years ago. We also gave up dreams of being wealthy in material things. Instead, we focus on our family, our role in this world, our responsibility with the environment, and our fellow human beings. As a catholic family we look for role models in saints. There are many great such models who inspire us but we have chosen to honor Saint Isidore the farmer by following his example of virtue, family and laboring the land for physical and spiritual nourishment. 

     Our goal is to leave this world (our family and neighbors and the land around us) in a bit of a better shape than how we found it. In that quest, we practice permaculture principles in our homestead. In essence, we aim at  making every element in the property (ourselves included) serve different purposes and work simbiotically with everything else. In this holistic approach, we respect everything. We believe, for example, that weeds are in the garden for a reason and so we work with them as opposed to against them. We care for the earth (water, the soil, the animals, the plants) which care for us and for others. We also return the surplus, which enables the earth to take care of itself.  This strategy has yielded great results. Certainly, we have invested a great deal of thinking, time, and effort designing and implementing the system, but the rewards have gone beyond our expectations in a short time. We call it a blessing.

Our original plan was to work our vision while producing our own food. In a short time, we have excedeed our expectations of self reliance and are now moving towards sharing what we've learned, and what we are producing. At Saint Isidore Homestead, we offer seasonal vegetables, eggs, chicken meat and more. We also offer workshops on homesteading skills as well as permaculture consulting. 

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