Saint Isidore Homestead
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We are a micro-farm located in Grottoes, Virginia. Our mission is to produce high-quality food for our family and our local community using sustainable practices and strong principles of care for the common good. 

How we do it. 

Why we do it.

We strive to  build soil, increase biological diversity, and minimize our ecological impact. We practice permaculture principles.
We are a Christian family of strong moral values. We live a simple life with modest means and great hopes that our example will inspire others to find meaning in their lives.
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Beyond Organic

Our produce is typically distributed within twenty-four hours of harvesting to ensure freshness and high nutritional density.
We grow approximately forty varities of vegetables availble at particular times from April through October. We also carry pastured chickens and eggs throughout the year. 
We grow food without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We practice no tilliage in the soil to encourage optimum balance of biological activity. We use very limmited power equipment and tools. We incorporate indigeneous plant species to attract beneficial insects and encourage ecological diversity. We use livestock for compost production and garden management. And we hve an open-door policy. You are welcome to visit any time!

Where to buy our products?

Our products are available through direct sales at our farm, our  Summer CSA program, and at the Greene Farmers Market in Stanardsville, VA. 

Saint Isidore the Farmer

Our farm is named after Saint Isidore, the patron saint of farmers and rural life. We are inspired by his love of God, manifested in his commitment to service, family, and the land. 
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